Episode 14 - Azerbaijan GP 2017

Temperatures and tempers reach boiling points in one of the craziest carbon fiber-strewn rage-fests we've ever seen.


Our totally-no-longer-temp art comes to us from Cal Skuthorpe AKA‏ @buzz_clik! Thank you to everyone who submitted!  Keep scrolling for more fantastic entries:

Episode 13 - Canadian GP & Azerbaijan GP Prerace 2017

E3 may have put the brakes on us for one episode but buckle up because this week we've got team principal shakeups, team order shakedowns, and everyone's favorite starship captain.


Also: we didn't mention it, but there apparently used to be a tradition at the Canadian Grand Prix where teams would build their own rafts and race them across a pond at the circuit. This was brought back for 2017 and you can watch the whole thing here!