I know nothing about F1. Where do I start?

Welcome! Our yearly Preseason Primer episode is designed to be the perfect introduction to the F1 newcomer (if we do say so ourselves)!

How can I watch F1 in the United States?

NBC Sports Network carries all the races in the US*. You can get NBCSN through your cable package (typically more expensive) or via the cord-cutting services listed on the following chart.

You can watch races using each service's official app or by signing in to the NBCSN app using your service's login credentials, if allowed (see below). The NBCSN app allows live and on-demand viewing. Consult each service's website for supported devices.

Service Price Per Month Available? NBCSN App Login? Replay Commercials Skip Commercials?
NBCSN App n/a Yes n/a On-demand only Full-screen only Yes**
DirecTV Now $35 Yes Yes None (live only) Full-screen, side-by-side No (live only)
Hulu $40 Yes No DVR only (guess) Full-screen, side-by-side No
PlayStation Vue $30-40 (by location) Yes Yes DVR only Full-screen, side-by-side Yes
Sling TV $25 Yes No DVR only (in beta) Full-screen, side-by-side Yes
YouTube TV $35 Select cities No DVR only Full-screen, side-by-side No

Note: "DVR" means the service requires you to set your device to record the races, meaning you cannot watch previous races if you didn't record them. "On-demand" means you don't have to have flagged the race to record, you simply select the one you want to watch.

* A few races per year are usually broadcast for free on regular NBC. Typically these races are the Monaco GP, Canadian GP, United States GP, and Mexican GP.

** To skip commercials on the NBCSN app, start fast-forwarding before the ad break and press play after the break has ended. This requires watching the elapsed time as you fast-forward and guessing the length of the commercial break (usually 3-4 min).

How can I watch F1 outside the United States?

F1 Fanatic has a crowdsourced list of methods here.

When are the races?

You can find all the session times in your timezone at f1calendar.com.

Is there a quick way to add all the sessions to my personal calendar?

There sure is! F1 Fanatic has you covered.

How can you tell who is who on track?

The "primary" driver of a team has a black camera pod (positioned on top of the intake above the driver's head), while the "secondary" driver has a fluorescent yellow pod.

Here's a visual guide to the cars and helmets of the 2017 season (thanks, Max!).

Who is Pastor Maldonado?

A legend.